Allie Ryan’s Newsletters: Allie Ryan initiated the newsletters several years ago to keep in touch with former crew members and their families between reunions and for those who could not make the reunions. They are published here for other to use. Please note that he has published these using his own resources.
I have not heard from Allie in many years and these are all the newsletters I have. Please send me any additional newsletters if you have any so they can be added.
(Some require Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s free!)

Newsletter February, 2000 
Newsletter Summer, 2000 
December, 2001

Newsletter April 2003  
Newsletter Summer 2003 (2Mb)  
Newsletter Fall 2003 (1.5Mb) 

Newsletter Summer 2004 (7Mb) 
Newsletter Winter 2004 (5Mb) 

Newsletter, 2007