Remembrances of Frank Steele USS Terror – Okinawa Theatre The USS Terror arrived in the Okinawa area in early April, about 9 days before the battle began. She was sent to the area to patrol with a group of Mine Sweepers as a prelude to the upcoming battle. One early morning, my father Frank Steele… Continue reading Remembrance

Colello Story

Colello Story of Kamikaze Attack Joseph Colello currently lives with his wife, Lillian (‘Doie’), at: 409 Sand Creek Road Colonie, NY 12205 518/459-4672 (He does not have an e-mail address at this time, but you can send him messages through one of his daughters at; or He has 4 children (one son, three daughters), all living… Continue reading Colello Story

Kenneth Davis Log

LOG OF THE U S S TERROR (CM-5) This log was provided by Kenneth Davis RM2 and it documents his time on the USS Terror from 10/2/1943 to 12/14/1943 SATURDAY OCTOBER 2, 1943 0800 – CONTINUED LOADING. 1300 – GOT UNDERWAY FOR FRISCO. SPEED: 15 KNOTS 1800 – 2000 WATCH 0800 – 1200 WATCH 1405 – SECURED… Continue reading Kenneth Davis Log

Difficult to Talk

Sometimes its difficult to talk about Told by Andrew J. Makara, Son of Andrew Makara My father like many of his generation did not speak too much of the war. It was only after I attended (drove my father) to the reunion in Norfolk in “83, did I get a glimpse into his life aboard the… Continue reading Difficult to Talk

Terror in Drydock

Near Disaster in Pearl Harbor Drydock Told by William Ringleib Jr. During a typhoon in late 1945, the USS Terror sustained damage to her hull from banging against another ship in the high winds and rough sea generated by the storm. The repairs required  a short stay in Dry-dock #2 at Pearl Harbor. During the repairs,… Continue reading Terror in Drydock

Christmas 1945

Christmas 1945 in Pearl Harbor with the Orphans Told by William Ringleib Jr. Christmas 1945 found the USS Terror in Pearl Harbor and the Captain made arrangements for a family style Christmas although most of the crew was a long way from their families. He arranged for a Christmas tree to be sent from the… Continue reading Christmas 1945