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USS Terror Painting by Lloyd

This page is to provide information about some of the Crew Members that served on the USS Terror. Individuals who are listed either requested their name to be included or a relative asked me to add their name. Let me know if you want to add a name or remove a name.

This is an area where those who served on the USS Terror or family members can submit personal summaries of crew members who were aboard during her brief time of service in the U.S. Navy. Please submit additions or corrections to Colin Ringleib  and they will be added. The items should be short and personal about what they did on board ship, nicknames, favorite memories, best friends, etc. A short summary of where they are today would also be nice. (A lot of the information here is quite old so it is likely much has changed and some of the crew members may have passed)

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Error the Dog

While I have a list from Allie Ryan of all those who served, I am only adding names of crew members or family members who request an entry in this list. This list is only a fraction of the more than 1000 men who served on her decks.


15 July, 1942 –31 December, 1946

Commanding Officers

 Cdr. Howard Fitch  1942-1944

Cdr. H. W Blakeslee  1944-1945

Capt. Richard Spofford  1945 –

Executive Officers

Lcdr A.H. Richards  1942-1943

Lcdr H.W. Blakeslee  1943 –

Lcdr E. H. Inman  1943-1945

Lt. David Mincey  (A) – 1945

Lcdr. C.A. Coombbs  1945 –

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